Zuchu sets Bongo Flava scene on fire in her new single 'Naringa'


Unlike Nani and Honey, which were meant to impress the TikTok demographic, Zuchu's latest release titled Naringa appears to be a more solid project likely to become Zuchu's second major hit in 2023 after Utaniua.

Naringa marks Zuchu's second non-love inspirational song of 2023, following her empowering track Napambana, which she released in March earlier this year.

The song aligns seamlessly with Zuchu's recent circumstances, which unfolded a few days back when she became the target of online attacks from Internet personality Mange Kimambo and fellow singer Gigy Money.

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In Naringa, the artist signed under WCB conveys a strong message to her detractors, affirming that she is shielded by God's protection. She asserts that any obstacles hurled her way by her critics will ultimately prove ineffective.

What makes Naringa really stand out and so captivating is the incredible mix of sounds it offers. It's genuinely thrilling to hear how Trone, the song's producer, expertly weaved together elements of South African Amapiano, African Gospel, and Coastal Baibuda vibes all into one amazing song.

After giving it a listen, it's safe to say that Naringa is likely to become Zuchu's second major hit in 2023, following the success of Utaniua.

Unlike Nani and Honey, which were catchy but relatively light-hearted, Naringa appears to be a more substantial and solid project that has the potential to make a significant impact.

Listen To Naringa Here: