Canada's AK Slim Joins Forces With Country Wizzy In "My Stylist" | LISTEN


Canadian rapper AK Slim has dropped his latest single, " My Stylist," which has created a buzz among fans not only in Canada but also in East Africa as it features one of the biggest rappers in Tanzania, Country Wizzy

In "My Stylist," AK Slim and Country Wizzy take the opportunity to express their profound love and admiration for the beautiful girls in their lives. The song's lyrics paint a vivid picture of affection and appreciation, creating an anthem that celebrates the beauty, and resilience of women.

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"Stylist" is a trap escapade that marinates Afrobeats and infectious Caribbean rhythms that are meant to appeal to both the North American audience and the East African music market.

The music video for "Stylist" was meticulously crafted to visually enhance the song's narrative. Shot in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the video sees Country Wizzy and AK Slim dancing and vibing at a beach party along with other casts as they create, one of the best visuals on-screen experiences.