DOWNLOAD: Holla (remix)- J-Wats ft. Pryce, DelBoy, Flex, Play01, Byg Ben

J-Wats is one of the few youngins who is having fun with this rap thing while making strategic moves in this industry. This is exhibited through his releases, his collaborations and the impact they’ve. Today he gives us a remix to his single “Holla” produced by Baru, Isaiah Mi7 and a by Jeyz Maker. We don’t normally get these posse tracks but J-Wats has delivered one with verses from the “who is who” on the urban rap scene; Pryce TeebaDel Boy, Flex D’paper, Play 01, Byg Ben. All the rappers bring something different within their verses to make the remix a banger. You’ve Pryce who flexes his verse in a “rap singing style”, Flex D’Paper on the other comes swinging with a verse full of flow tricks to deliver a simple yet memorable verse, Play 01 comes through with his signature wordplay and then you have Byg Ben spitting through and through with that ‘lumasaba’ energy, the final icing on the track is the Del Boy voicing at the end which makes the track truly exceptional. One sure thing that we like about possse tracks is that they foster a conversation which is good for the industry so let us know what you think about the remix  (is it the remix of the year) in the comment section or tweet us @Notjustok_EA.

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