Country Wizzy takes over the city in the new 'Current Situation’ music video


Not only Patricia, Prisca, Kisha, and Lissa, but the entire music industry was eagerly anticipating the release of Country Wizzy's Current Situation Video and as he promised the much-anticipated music video is finally here.

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Country Wizzy, under the umbrella of Bxtra Records, dropped the audio for the Current Situation song about two months ago.

The song's release was followed by a spectacular show held in the Kidimbwi area in December of 2023. 

The Current Situation music video is without a doubt a complete reflection of the song's content.

Wizzy and Young Lunya are seen performing in a swanky car and then link up with their friends and some cool folks on the streets. The video showcases how far they've come and the recognition they've earned.

Filmed at Posta Dar Es Salaam, the video not only features Country Wizzy and Young Lunya but also brings in some familiar faces from the Tanzanian music scene, including the likes of Petty Man and Msamiati.

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The video marks Country Wizzy's first  project for 2023, poised to make significant waves on screens across Tanzania. 

The Current Situation music video is brought to life by the talented Director Joowzey.

Watch The Current Situation Music Video Here: