The talented Country Wizzy tells a story of heartbreak in a new single 'Oouh'


It's an open fact that in recent times, the Tanzanian rap scene has been dominated by high-energy club anthems, often lacking the emotional depth that once defined our music. In light of that, Country Wizzy, a Tanzanian rapper and songwriter decided to flip the script and pour his heart into a new heartbreak song titled Oouh.

Oouh is just one half of a double-release project from the talented Tanzanian rapper. The other track in the lineup is Let It Go, and together, these songs form a heartfelt musical journey where Country Wizzy seems to be penning emotional love letters to his devoted fans.

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In his latest track, Country Wizzy, now signed to one of Tanzania's largest record labels, BXtra Records, vulnerably delves into the depths of a failed romance. With his clever lyrical prowess and finely crafted rap, he articulates the profound heartache he's endured.

Oouh represents a distinct shift from Country Wizzy's previous party anthems like Shake That Ass and his EMTEE-assisted Oright.

It's truly captivating to witness Wizzy seamlessly transition from being the life of the party to a man deeply affected by the throes of heartbreak.

Incorporating a delicate and sweet acoustic guitar melody, the track effortlessly taps into a rich vein of emotions.

The song is a testament to the masterful production of S2kizzy, a celebrated Tanzanian producer with a storied history of collaboration alongside some of the industry's biggest names.

Listen to Oouh Here: