BXtra's Country Wizzy returns with a new single 'Let It Go'


Tanzanian rap artist and songwriter, Country Wizzy, is delighting his fans with an enchanting new single titled Let It Go.

Let It Go comes a few weeks since the BXtra music signee graced fans with his club anthem Shake That Ass, which became a party soundtrack in different clubs around Tanzania and East Africa.

In the song, Wizzy expertly intertwines Swahili and English in his lyrics, utilizing his rap skills to convey his heartfelt emotions. The song's verses vividly portray Wizzy's journey, from heartbreak to triumph, as he addresses a past love who once left him in despair.

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Throughout his verses, Country Wizzy, also known as The Father, narrates his path to healing and personal growth, confidently emphasizing his rise to stardom in the music industry.

Responsible for the production is none other than Daz Naledge, Country Wizzy's trusted and go-to producer.

Listen To Let It Go Here: