Amos and Josh take down new video "Heri Tuachane"


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A few days after the release of the video of latest hit "Heri Tuachane", Amos and Josh have pulled it down. The fourth single off their upcoming debut album "Contrast" was taken down after Amos' ex- girlfriend got offended and threatened suicide.

"Contrast" is a 12 part series project and so far the duo have releases three singles, "Moto Moto", "Dansi na Mi" and "Kupe" which are on a high rotation and doing well on music charts across Africa.

A statement from Amos and Josh, said of the video;

"The fourth video is sad stage for their once beautiful story of love. The video showcases the stage of doubts and trust. The girl is cheating witrh a very rich man (what is known as sponsor in Kenyan slang). Josh gets to see the girl Amos is seen walking out of the house with him while seeing him off. Josh breaks the news to Amos who is away to see a xlient. He breaks down ans concludes tahat their love has ended. He goes back to pick his stuff despite the girl trying to stop him not leave her."

The song was produced by Bruce Odhiambo

Check out "Moto Moto" off the upcoming album: