Our Top Picks For The 10 Best Songs From Zuchu | SEE LIST


Zuchu has now held Bongo Fleva in her hands. She can release a song anytime and anyhow and still create a hit song. With a catalogue of more than 50 songs, scroll to read the 10 Best Zuchu songs :


With Sukari, Zuchu explained exactly what happens when two lovebirds are in the bedroom alone but she used euphemism and symbolism to explain that scenario. 

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This was the best song of 2021 in Tanzania, the video of the song became the most-watched African music video on YouTube in 2021.

Sukari - Zuchu

2. Hakuna Kulala 

Hakuna Kulala is Zuchu's call to show how talented she is in songwriting. You need to be a heavy Swahili speaker to understand some of the lyrics in this song but in general this song talks about love and intimacy. 

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The song's sound lingers between Taarab and Bongo Fleva and its found in her debut EP "I Am Zuchu" which established her career as a mega Bongo Fleva star.

Hakuna Kulala - Zuchu

3. Cheche 

In Cheche, Zuchu proved her versatility and fluidity, that she can do any type of music and still be relevant. Cheche is inspired by South America's rhumba and when it was released, the song became so popular that a Spanish TV channel called Zuchu the Beyonce of Africa

Cheche - Zuchu

4. Nisamehe 

In this song Zuchu wanted us to hear her voice, echoes, pain and torment more than anything else. In this heartbreak ballad, Zuchu asks for forgiveness from her ex-boyfriend lover who seems to have moved on. 

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When you listen to Nisamehe, you'll get the same vibe as when you listen to Adele's "Someone Like You". This is one of the best songs from Zuchu as she showcased her vocal abilities to the world. 

Nisamehe -Zuchu

5. Two 

How is it that, what was supposed to be just a normal freestyle meant to decorate Audiomack's Skyline Project lands in the list of Zuchu's best songs?

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To be honest, Zuchu's Two is addictive, hooky and for some reason different from all of her projects. Her mix of Baibuda and R&B is perfect as well as her vocals that would still linger in your head, many days after listening to it. 

Two - Zuchu

6. Kwikwi 

What did Zuchu exactly mean when she said Ilivyo longi inakwangua makoko? For those of you who haven't understood the phrase, congratulations, but for the rest of us, we know with this line, Zuchu was trying to poke and provoke BASATA. 

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Kwikwi is a hit song in all dimensions. Short, sweet, provocative, playful and most of all, a Tiktok dance challenge material. 

Kwikwi -Zuchu

7. Raha 

Raha has one of the best bridges in a song especially the part when Zuchu sings Kaniweka Darasani Kunifundisha Vizuri, Mengi Hayajulikani Ataka Kuyakariri. 

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The video saw Zuchu enjoying and having fun with her boyfriend reminding us of Korede Bello's 2016 hit "Romantic" featuring Tiwa Savage. 

Raha - Zuchu

8. Nyumba Ndogo 

With this singeli tune, Zuchu made it clear that she is here to stay and this is usually Zuchu's go-to song when she wants to spice up her stage performances. 

Nyumba Ndogo - Zuchu

9. Litawachoma Acoustic 

Zuchu brought her groove vocals to the audience when she performed live "Litawachoma" in her Unplugged EP released in 2021. 

Litawachoma Acoustic, decorated by Nasda's piano and well-executed guitars made Zuchu emotionally connect with her fans and once again prove that she is good when it comes to live performances.

Litawachoma - Zuchu

10. Jaro 

Zuchu tried to take over the African music market with Jaro, an R&B song meant to compliment your other half despite their shortcomings. Zuchu sings in both Swahili and English in this one. 

Jaro - Zuchu