5 Times Diamond Platnumz Featured A Female Artist In His Songs.


Being one of the hottest African artists in the continent right now makes Diamond Platnumz a very essential and expensive artist to work with and without doubt, a Diamond Platnumz feature ultimately qualifies as a win for any artist who wants a front seat in Africa's music market.

5 Times Diamond Platnjumz Featured A Female Artist

With 3 albums and 1 EP in his arsenal, Diamond Platnumz has a music catalog of about 110 songs packed with well-decorated male artists' collaborations both local and International and out of those, female features from the East African Giant are just five (5)

From his debut in 2010 here are 5 female artists that Diamond Platnumz has ever featured in his songs :

Hawa - Nitarejea

Ntarejea is one of the best duets that the Bongo Fleva Genre has ever enjoyed. Diamond Platnumz who by then was a rising star in the Tanzanian music space featured Hawa who was also a rookie in the industry.

The message, well narrated Adam Juma directed music video, chemistry and vocal interplay between Hawa and Diamond Platnumz remain thrilling and nostalgic to this day. The song made Hawa a well-known artist in Tanzania and it also exposed how breathtaking can Diamond Platnumz be when it comes to songwriting.

Tiwa Savage - Fire

In 2017 Diamond Platnumz featured Nigeria's Tiwa Savage in his Afro Beats rooted track named Fire which burned Africa's music industry. The Lizer Classic produced track was well received by fans and even though East Africans were already familiar with queen Tiwa's name, Fire made it clear that the Nigerian Diva has officially arrived at the disco, nightclubs, and East African radio stations.

Fire- Diamond Platnumz ft Tiwa Savage

Miri Ben Ari - Baila

Baila was released in March 2018 on the album A Boy From Tandale featuring Miri Ben Ari who is an American Grammy Award-winning violinist and producer who has collaborated with many world-class artists such as Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and Jane Jackson. Even though Miri Ben Ari's vocals' were not heard in the song but she had her part in the Shah Rukh Khan's themed music video that was shot in London.

Baila - Diamond Platnumz ft Miri Ben Ari

Vanessa Mdee - Far Away.

A lot of fans still don't understand to date, why Diamond Platnumz did not release the music video for Far Away which was a Wizkid-Yemi Alade kind of collaboration at the time. This song is extremely cathartic and impossible not to like baring haunting and amazing vocals from both Diamond Platnumz and Vanessa Mdee. Despite making the final cut in Diamond Platnumz's A Boy From Tandale Album but the song isn't as popular as most of his songs.

Far Away - Diamond Platnumz ft Vanessa Mdee

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Zuchu - Mtasubiri

Mtasubiri is considered the first time in four years that Diamond Platnumz has featured a female artist in a song. The song was critically acclaimed and its video broke the record of being the fastest video in the history of African music to clock 100,000 views on YouTube as it reached the milestone in 37 minutes.