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AVala – Aspirations of Love + Crazy House

Post by Demola OG, March 17th, 2013

Check these fresh singles from new artist AVala, who was recently introduced by DJ Klem back in September of 2012 and also featured as the lead lady in Black Magic’s Confam video.

Aspirations of Love is a slow paced track while Crazy House has that upbeat/dance feel to it. AVala is definitely conforming with these singles.

Listen and share your thoughts.

AVala is a singer-songwriter whose sole goal is to create music that represents her life, passion, and the people in her life. Since starring in BlackMagic’s “Confam” video, Avala wowed the crowd at Industry Nite and has been performing since. Avala’s debut singles, “Aspirations of Love” and “Crazy House” showcase her vocal passion & abilities, while sharing her Afro-House focus with the world. “Aspirations of Love” is written by Avala and produced by the extraordinary DJ Klem (@Deejay_Klem) and Avala. “Crazy House” is written by Avala and produced by Ghana’s super-talented DJ Juls (@djayjuls).

avala - aspirations of love cover (digi promo)

 Aspirations of Love DOWNLOAD

Crazy House DOWNLOAD

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12 responses to “AVala – Aspirations of Love + Crazy House”

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  2. osi says:

    #confam grooves

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  4. Weeta says:

    Meeeeeeeeen Girl them Aspirations are Wicked! LOVELY SONGS…. LOVING that voice. CRISP! Gotta give props to DJ JULS………………!

  5. Ruud says:

    ok. that aspirations of love tho… i like the sound.. not even listened to the lyrics yet.. just put it on repeat as ambience while i work… love it!!

  6. Ovie O NotjustOk says:

    "Aspirations of Love" is lovely! Pure sound.


  7. Ayinke says:

    Omg……. Crazy House is a tune. The beat and Lyrics just blend together. Lol. I just wanna I just wanna wooo wooo! Oya lol ko mo le, Oya gbesoke!

  8. Adeolu says:

    wooow nThis is amazing

  9. uzzytebudiga says:

    I've always been a fam. Can't wait to hear more.. Can we go on a date sometime plsssss

  10. Winston Balagare says:

    This girl is crazy hot. Check out the video for the Crazy House single.

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