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EXCLUSIVE: D’Banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense (Snippet)

Post by Ovie O, March 2nd, 2013


Wondering what D’Banj’s new album sounds like? Here’s an exclusive sneak peek.

“Don’t Tell Me Nonsense” is one of the unreleased cuts off the DKM album (VIEW TRACKLISTING). The beat is sounding heavy and D’Banj is in that vintage form. Clubs would go crazy when the full song drops. Trust me on this one.


DB Records DKM


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71 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: D’Banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense (Snippet)”

  1. @DJPAWNSTAR says:

    bad ass hook

  2. BIG MOUTH says:

    DON Stupid– Dont tell KING Dbanj Nonsense!

  3. Young Swag says:

    Nice Shit

  4. paulmirabilis says:


  5. BADDO says:

    Already a JAM!!!!!

  6. alaga ibile says:

    #teamdbanj winning

  7. […] Read more or Download the song here EXCLUSIVE: D’Banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense (Snippet) […]

  8. Chuma says:

    The rise and rise and FAAAAAALLLLLLL of D'Banj. CRAAAAAP!!!!!

  9. Sorry, D'banj, but this song sucks ass. I pray this isn't what the other tracks sound like. Smh. What is this?

  10. @Sir_Faizu says:

    the beat is off the chains, kudos!!

  11. no haat says:

    i'm a fan,bbut this is crap …NOISE. Top Of The World is really dope tho

  12. TJAE︻╦╤─ 1001p says:

    Lyrics is Nonsense. Beat is making sense. The Hook its making some sense.

  13. SB_01 says:

    eyin boiz Egba oju eeee….CATCHY! hmmm, I wonder what the rest of the album will sound like.

  14. nawa o says:

    lmao… c wein music don turn to


    Confamd Jam…. global? I dunno..; Naija? definite No 1

  16. don jazzy says:


  17. MSIA says:

    wow on reply always nice one metho

  18. sorcerer says:

    Nonsense jam!!! Is this for the international market or for the agberos in ojurin??? Dbanj u beta wake up oo.. before the glamour of oliver twist finish. This is just a regular jam. This na tonto dike standard o….

  19. Mazi says:

    Not feeling this @ all

  20. Don't know about you but I'm feeling this…. If you no feel am, go hug high tension -_-

  21. daniboy says:

    wetin dey worry dbanj?

  22. blaky says:

    This na jam nau wetin una dey yarn if u dey lean or dope up you go know wetin i mean plus the beat is tu dope.

  23. blaky says:

    Nice beat for real

  24. odesman says:


  25. YoungG says:

    Is dis song dedicated to don jazzy? wetin u dey talk no make sense, berrter wake up..

  26. YoungG says:

    Nonsense song

  27. Ojetayo Abayomi F says:

    Crab !

  28. rozay says:

    lols seriously i'm a fan but lets try to be honest dbanj fall hand for this one o, don't tell him nonsense

  29. timeless says:

    lool this one na HIGHEST!…snippet on replay!! i have never done this before ohh ahh ejanla this song is mad!!!

  30. james kas says:

    i can see this song causing beef in club….like move bitch get out the way by ludacris……eyin boiz Egba oju eeee kai baddest jam! some people deserve to be slapped for real…lol

  31. silas says:

    Kinda Like it

  32. blak says:

    horrible production

  33. tosin says:

    i love this song it is toooooo good cant wait for the full thing

  34. kels says:

    i think this song should win nonsense song of the yea award

  35. haters this song make sense so you fools should fear God and stop saying nonsense cos most of u will dance to this in the club o …cos this snippet self no be small thing ……..i beg forget the beef mates …. i'm sure don jazzy self will be shaking head to this one already…lol

  36. Obama's Nephew says:

    The Beat is Great… The Song is OK. Kinda razz, I guess He's trying to create an early buzz for the summer… But Naija Com' On, U know Dbanj can do better than this. All the success he achieved through our support, we deserve better

  37. Chuma says:

    See how we struggle to defend CRAP! Real Tonto Dike level. Shebi na we dey buy the album? We're waiting. Release this CRAP and u have urself to blame.

  38. Mayowa says:

    The song seems to have a violence theme btw. Not good: Our Nigerian music doesn't need to be promoting such at this stage of our evolution or country as a whole. :/

  39. MBeezy says:

    The beat is great….however, in this already troubled time of senseless violence in Nigeria , I cannot support a song that calls for violence.

  40. Wizard says:

    Truth be told, D'banj will never make 800 thousand views on you tube anymore. Mark my words, another 9ice

  41. gerald says:

    and he sang nonsense……not hating but this is wack

  42. Man 2 Man says:

    if these was last year this post would easily get 200+ comments.. backwards or forward? make unna ask someone that question..

  43. richy says:

    lol dbanj why nah

  44. scot newton says:

    please every man have his or her own talent so do ur thing the way u want it ok…

  45. Nancy Daniel says:

    nice song dbanj.

  46. ebudollar says:

    I am feeling the song like crazy….Nice one eja nla

  47. this song is a hit…………. mark my word.

  48. switts says:

    i actually like this song. the beat s a club banger defo.just wait and hear it on a madt sound system then you will feel the nonsense.

  49. jaydee says:

    I'm addicted to this tune already.. Please dont tell nonsense

  50. don't tell me nonsense.

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