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Post by Demola OG, September 29th, 2006

Once you have a strong and compelling ‘WHY‘ and you have defined
your BIG ‘WHAT‘, you need to start figuring out HOW you can accomplish
the WHAT. One thing
you probably want to avoid is to sit down for hours, days, weeks, months or even years
ONLY planning and thinking HOW you are going to get to your WHAT. Planning and thinking alone will not get
things done or lead you to your WHAT.

In regards to figuring out HOW, you can TALK to someone who has done what you are about
to do before. If your mouth is too heavy to talk, watch them
and copy some of the things you think makes them achieve the ‘WHAT’ you
want (Probably not the Best Approach, it may be better to combine
asking them and watching them). Remember your WHAT should be
not just something you do. Don’t plan, plan and plan and then wait for
the perfect time to start DOING; that perfect moment will never come.
If you can’t find someone who has accomplished that ‘WHAT’ you seek to
accomplish, read books and soak knowledge, then go ahead and apply that
knowledge while watching out for a real life person to (for lack of a
better word) mentor you. Be willing to make mistakes and LEARN
from them so that you can grow.

Another thing to avoid is to wait till you know entirely
everything about what you want to achieve before you start DOING
toward acheiving it(You can never know everything, It’s just not possible). The best way to
figure out ‘HOW’ is to
learn by doing. Just Imagine, If  I waited to know everything about
blogging before I started writing these posts, would I be on my 17th
Post by Now? I don’t think so… Or Imagine if Onada had waited until
she knew everything about writing books until she started writing her novel,
would she be on her 70th Novel Page by now? Nope.

Perhaps, the most important thing is that your actions and behavior
have to be congruent with your WHAT. So let’s say you are
seriously trying to shed 25 pounds, but you eat unhealthy meals everyday and you have no work out plan, that behavior is definitely in total disagreement with the outcome of losing 25 pounds, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Always check
delusion at the door
and be very honest with yourself. I leave you with this ‘The difference
between a winner and a loser is that the winner stays focused until
they succeed, but the looser focuses only for a period of time’. Give your efforts time to compound, don’t quit too early. "Life is Hard", but success might be 40 days away.

Above all, always use Common Sense. I don’t know how to explain this one, it just always works out when you use it.

So just go and figure out your HOW by doing, getting knowledge, planning
and doing again. Here is a good book to read that will help you with starting anything:

Have an Awesome Weekend and DO IT BIG!

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