VIDEO: Mode Nine, JJC, Iceberg Slim & Rico White Confirm Performance @ NotjustOk Music Concert + Win 10 Concert Tickets

2 more weeks to December 17th and we are back this time to give out more REGULAR tickets to the NotjustOk Music Concert. As previously mentioned, specifically, fans of majority of the Artists coming to the event will start wining tickets every other day. On the last post we stated that we would give 5 regular tickets every other day, but since we missed posting on Wednesday, we will give the first 10 people 1 free ticket each if they are able to answer the questions below.

***Note that you will be able to redeem your tickets starting December 10 (7 days to the event). So it is important for you to be in Lagos so that you can redeem the tickets ASAP starting Dec 10th.



The Rules:

  1. You must be a Lagos resident or must be present in Lagos by Dec 10th
  1. Send an email to concertATnotjustokdotcom with with Subject Line ModeNine, JJC & Afrigang Free Tickets
  2. In the body of your email, type your answers and add your full name
  3. Answer the questions correctly
  1. Name the song that Iceberg Slim released which start his MC battle with M.I
  2. What is the name of Mode Nine's last released album?
  3. What label name is JJC CEO of?
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O Town
O Town
8 years ago

NJO please correct the grammar in questions 1 and 3...

8 years ago

Where the Top 10 finalist for the NJO theme song sef? Or una no wan post them again???