VIDEO: The Mith - Go Hard

"I came, I conquered-
Run the game without no sponsors-
Topped the game from all 4 corners-"
Mith (Go Hard)

The Mith Go Hard Video

The Mith is at it again running the game with no sponsors as he releases the visuals for his second single off his Destination:AFRICA album. I had the pleasure of being invited to the set of this particular video and as I stepped onset I could feel the energy of this song which was perfectly exhibited by The-Mith's performance in the video.

Go Hard is an anthem that brings out that "I'm On Top Of The Game" attitude as you listen to its lyrics which seals The-Mith's position as a major hip-hop player in the Ugandan industry given the fact that along with the  other klear kut  members "they came up & a face" on Ugandan rap as he raps on one of the klear kut joints.

The video features stills from fellow rappers; Enygma & Patrobas which shows that The-Mith didn't rely on a lot of cameos from fellow rappers to push the video which seems to be the strategic marketing tool being used by most artists these days. If you like what you watch, you can send Mith a tweet @TheMithMusic and share your thoughts with him. Enjoy the video!

VIDEO: The Mith - Go Hard

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5 years ago

Good repppin UGANDA bro..repect from a NIgerian!