VIDEO: Malam Spicey - Free Cure/1005 Naira Bling (Terry G Diss)


Malam Spicey has dropped the video for "Free Cure", a previously posted diss track aimed at Terry G. This song got lots of buzz here on the site and on the underground scene but didn't really get loads of mainstream airplay (from what I'm told). 

Aside the original "Free Madness", where Terry G dropped the line "Me I no be Malam Spicey. Me I no dey stop for the 4th bar, over", Terry G also took shots at him on "Free Madness Pt 3" with the line "I no be abokhi wey get dada", and went ahead to feed a dog with "dada" (dreads) at the end of the "Sangalow Pt 2" video. On that evidence, you really can't blame Spicey for shooting a video for this track. Funny song and video. This is good entertainment. 🙂