VIDEO: Ice Prince & Jesse Jagz Confirm NotjustOK Music Concert Performance + WIN FREE TICKETS


According to our calculation, it is almost 3 weeks to December 17th and we feel it is time to start allowing the audience win REGULAR tickets to the NotjustOk Music Concert. Specifically, fans of majority of the Artists coming to the event. We will try to post Videos every other day and give an opportunity to win 5 Regular Tickets at least for the next 2 weeks. Which mean the first 5 people to answer correctly win 1 regular each.

Today we start with the Choc Boyz. As you will see in the video below, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince have confirmed that they and the rest of the Choc Boyz, MI and Brymo will be at the Notjustok Music Concert @ GET Arena on December 17. This means that if you are a fan of the Choc Boyz, you definitely want to be at this event to see them perform.

In order to win tickets, you will need to answer the questions below correctly.

***Note that you will be able to redeem your tickets starting December 10 (7 days to the event). So it is important for you to be in Lagos so that you can redeem the tickets ASAP starting Dec 10th.


The Rules:

  1. You must be a Lagos resident or must be present in Lagos by Dec 10th
  1. Send an email to concertATnotjustokdotcom with with Subject Line Choc Boyz Free Tickets
  2. In the body of your email, type your answers and add your full name
  3. Answer the questions correctly
  1. What was the 1st Ice Prince post we featured on NotjustOk? Hint it was in 2008
  2. What Month and Year did MI become NotjustOk Hype?
  3. Jesse Jagz debut Album featured Brymo, what is the title of the Song Brymo featured in?