VIDEO: Ex'O - Time's Up

VIDEO: Ex'O - Time's Up

VIDEO: Ex'O - Time's Up

Time's Up is a traditional hiphop record with boombap influence. The track enumerates the challenges of the hiphop music genre and the social ills affecting the culture. The record was made to bring back the cool of the good old fashioned hiphop music, with thought provoking lyrics driven by heavy bass and drumlines. The record is written and performed by Ex'O a Nigeria rapper singer, songwriter, sound engineer and music producer. His music outfit Cash-in Entertainment, is responsible for many hit songs on the airwaves in Lagos Nigeria.


Ex'O now collaborates with Dj Diaze and together are a music duo called BROOKLANE. The record is also produced by the amazing and talented Dj Diaze. A classic Hiphop music producer and DJ based in FRANCE.