VIDEO: 9ice, Terry G, Michael Word and Puffy T Public Performance

The videos below were recorded at a hotel in the UK on June 20th 2010. 9ice, Terry G and Naeto C performed at the StarMix summer:fest this past weekend in the UK. Apparently the guitar being used in all the video performances belongs to Ayo Shonaya, CEO of RMG and UK based Nigerian film maker/television producer. These

In the video below, RMG recording artiste Michael Word plays the guitar while 9ice performs street credibility along with "The Ajayi Brothers". I am not too familiar with the last song 9ice is singing where he sings "The Don't know, they can't know...they mystified", sounds like unreleased material.

LOL @ 9ice at the end "You are killing me with this thing stop"...


Terry G does a freestyle session with Michael Word and tells Michael not to dull himself... Terry is a character; a true Spiritual Mad Man...


LMAO at this one... Terry G goes ahead to display true spiritual madness while Puffy T plays the guitar


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