LPee Creates Magic With Cinematic Visuals For ‘Shamaya’

South-African-based Nigerian artist, LPee releases the visuals for “Shamaya” off his recent project, Jungle Life.

Speaking about Shamaya, his new release, and video, LPee said


The record talks about being drunk over someone you want but who isn’t acting accordingly and we wanted to portray this in the video using everyday people

LPee Creates Magic With Cinematic Visuals For – Shamaya

Cover of the new release for the press – Shamaya

Born in Nigeria, LPee shuttles between Johannesburg and Lagos as he juggles music and entrepreneurship in Film, Television, Events. His personality and approach to Afro-fusion have earned him considerable recognition amongst many. His music is inspired by love, life, survival, and celebration which he aces with arresting baritone. The rapper is not only fluent in Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo but does well with infusing relevant South African lingo to his music.

He’d released his debut album under Primeage Records in 2008, before leaving for South Africa – thereby taking a break from music. Jungle Life, released under his own imprint Jungle Hustle Movement stamps LPee’s reemergence to the music scene.

“Shamaya” recounts the all-too-familiar tale of unrequited love, its toll, and the struggle to get a love interest’s attention.

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Watch the Official Video of Shamaya by LPee

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