Knowing Vs Doing


You know, I've been Doing a lot this year. I mean, doing a bunch of
things out of my comfort zone. Stuff I have never done in my life. The funny thing is most
of the Actions I performed this year have been things I thought once or more about doing and/or which i thought I always knew how to do. You read books, you hear stuff that people say that they did and how EASY it is, they break it down to a science and you agree that it's easy. You know what is to be done and also THINK you know how to do it. However, when you do it, you realize that you really don't know.

Well this year after putting my activity in 4th gear, I realized that you don't really KNOW UNTIL YOU DO; Until you experience. When you start DOING, things come to you in spirit (subconciously). Subtle things start coming to you via Intuition, a lot of these things will never come to you just by sitting around thinking about stuff, siting and trying to figure stuff out in your mind or by lollygagging with someone else about what you plan to do . Doing is the first step to getting results. The next step is to do what will give you those great results that you really want... DOING can not really benefit you except you get Great results eventually. However, before you start getting some GREAT results, I think it is important to allow your ACTIONS and EFFORTS compound.

Proper thinking and planning is vital though, so make sure you think and plan. However, don't over-think and don't over-plan.

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