"I want it now..."

Delaying gratification is simple but not easy. All you have to do is wait and be patient until you get what you want. In a more practical way, "do what you need to be doing day and night as you wait to get gratified"

In real life, when an individual wants something, they want it now... We would rather have it now than wait 2 days or even 15 minutes. I was watching a movie, even worse a Nigerian home video the other day, where a female character took a whole 17 minutes to horn for the gate-man (Mr Okon) to open the gate, park her car, walk into the house and climb up the stairs where she caught her husband naked on top of Mr Okon's daughter. The trip from the car to the bedroom too long, it could have been shorter!... In cases like this, if I have control over what I am watching, I will usually fast forward the damn thing to get as close to the punch line as possible. In this type of situation I could care less to delay the gratification of seeing the outcome, 17 minutes is just too damn long.


Going to the university for 4 years straight to earn a college degree is a form of delayed gratification. Not many people go all the way; semester in, semester out sweating it out test by test, project by project until graduation day. The concept is simple though, go to school full time, take 5-7 classes per semester, take about 2-3 classes per summer semester, pass your exams and you may graduate in 3.5 years. However, it takes a lot to do it the way it is stated, it is painful. Those who go through the entire 4 years learn some things and get a reward; a Degree...

I think the thing with Immediate gratification is that it is driven strictly by pleasure, whereas delayed gratification is bitter then sweet, because it takes some time to get the reward and in many cases the reward gained by delaying gratification is usually permanent. The Pleasure gained with immediate gratification is usually only temporary. While delaying gratification, you soak in a lot of knowledge during the process to where it normally stays permanent and makes you a little tougher than you were when you started the process.


That is Marion Jones in the above photo. In no way am I writing here, trying to Judge Marion Jones, if anything I feel sorry for her. None the less, she indulged, like every one of us does occasionally, in hastily gratifying herself in 2000 by using "performance-enhancing drugs" to win all those gold medals she took home in the 2000 Olympics. Again, I feel for her, she did not have to admit to it or did she? And yes I agree, Immediate gratification was not the only factor that caused her the ridicule she is facing, it's probably what started it.

Immediate gratification is not a bad thing. If you ask me, there are many cases where you should gratify yourself immediately. However, there are other scenarios where delaying your gratification may lead to a bigger and more permanent outcome.  I guess we will need to use our common sense to determine how quick we want to get gratified... What do you think?

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