I have not Quit

Ladies and Fellas, I am still going to continue blogging... I just have not been able to carve out time to dedicate to blogging lately. I will continue to post and improve the content that I deliver... I am also going to start talking/writing about some topics that may make people uncomfortable, not because I want to make people uncomfortable, but because I feel a conviction to start addressing and possibly discussing some tangible issues and possible experiences that apply to this long life that we are living as a whole. You will notice that in many of my old posts, I have written about a lot of intangible issues that were not really clear, partly because I preferred keeping things on the surface level and also because I was avoiding making any of the readers feel even an iota of discomfort..

Well, guess what?
I'm about to flip script!

So get ready for serious content in '08...and by no means am I saying that I will stop posting funny, intriguing and Not Just Ok stuff... Stay blessed!...

Oh BTW, the year is not over yet...

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