Hennessey Vision

A few years ago, I went out on a Friday night. I had been drinking prior to leaving the house, in order to avoid buying drinks at the club (yes I was tryna be frugal, the drinks at the club cost 3 times more than the retail price). By the time I got to the club, I was feeling good and tipsy...Ironically I still ordered drinks when i got to the bar... probably had more drinks than I usually would have had even if i had not been drinking from home... Well, after sipping some more beverages and observing my surrounding, I noticed a female that was good looking, so I approached to her.

Now, as soon as I started talking to this girl, she started reciprocating...she was cool...I probably chilled and spoke to her for almost 30 minutes, despite the fact that like 3 of her friends were there... After about 30 minutes (or less) of good conversation, we exchanged phone numbers and I moved on...  The Wednesday after, I was driving home from work and unfortunately got stuck in traffic, so i decided to call the girl I met last Friday in order to avoid the annoying effect of sitting in traffic. She picked up and - (to cut the long story short) we planned to meet up the next Friday for drinks.

I arrived at the time we had planned, but she sent me a text message stating that she was running about a few minutes late... the hostess sat me at a table that directly faced the entrance of the cafe/bar, then I ordered my drink while I waited for her. While seated, I looked around and noticed a FINE female cracking up at a comment the guy across her had just made... As my drink came, I looked to my left and noticed an Asian family of 5 eating deserts and speaking very loudly in a language that I think was Mandarin. No sooner after looking around, I received another text from 'ol girl letting me know that she had arrived and was looking for parking. I replied with an "ok kool". A minute or so later, a neatly dressed, unattractive female walks in and smiles at me like we knew each other. Then everything started moving in slow motion as I started questioning myself "why is this babe smiling at guyz?... don't tell me this is her o?"... I frowned inside and looked away for a few seconds the first thing that came to mind was "That can't be her now... Lai Lai(Never)" feeling quite confident with myself...Suddenly, I noticed that same girl walking towards ma table... "hmm what is going on here?" I continued to interrogate myself inside... Now this babe kept walking towards my table and got closer and closer... As she got very close, I noticed the slight resemblance and finally accepted and whispered "Cho! Hennessey Vision is a mofo!".

So now she is in front of me and I have no choice but to stand up and give her a hug. As we sat down, I turned to my right and I saw the FINE girl from earlier in my peripheral vision, which re-enforced the temporary situation at hand. We started talking and funny enough, we had good conversation again, but there was one problem; I could not look at her face for more than 2 seconds at a time. Every time, I looked at this female, I almost immediately looked away. I was not understanding what was going on, it felt like it was my reflexes taking control. Again, the conversation was kool and everything, but I swear I could not get myself to look at this girl for too long. Exactly 20 minutes into her arrival, I excused myself and went into the restroom. 10 minutes after returning from the bathroom, we both called it a night and I walked her to her car and gave her a GoodBye hug. I was cool about the whole thing!

I seriously doubt that I would have spoken to the babe in the first place if I was in my right mind. But I was not, Hennessey Vision took over my visual judgement. Have you had any Hennessey Vision before?

Have a good weekend people!

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