Yung Pabi ft. Akan – M3ntie


Yung Pabi ft. Akan – M3ntie

Yung Pabi ft. Akan – M3ntie

Yung Pabi ft. Akan – M3ntie

Overview of Yung Pabi ft. Akan – M3ntie


Ghanaian rapper on the come up Yung Pabi releases a brand new single. On this one, he teams up with rapper Akan on this hip hop song that encourages self-belief, titled "M3ntie".

"M3ntie", an Akan word which translates to "I did not listen", is a song inspired by people who told him to quit music and get a 9 to 5 job because as it stands, his passion is not paying his bills.

The song also addresses those who kept telling him to change his style, and do what everybody else is doing.

The song was produced by Epidemix. Download the MP3 below.

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