Tillaman - Werey In It


Tillaman - Werey In It

Tillaman - Werey In It

Tillaman - Werey In It

Overview of Tillaman - Werey In

Some people do things without putting their best efforts in, but that's not Tillaman, and he is letting us know not just by delivering a huge tune here again, but by also putting the message in the song: anything i do, i gotta put some "Werey In It".

It could be your swag, your sauce, your moves, your drive, maybe even your personality, but you could always bring something extra to the table in anything you do; in other words, put some "Werey In It", says the song.

"Werey In It" is wrapped in feel-good melody and vibe, bright colours and life; produced by Zakmagic, and visuals chopped and delivered by Simplicity Visual Studio.

Check 'em out below...


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