Introducing: ‘Highlife (Ghana)’ Playlist On Mino Music | ft. Bisa Kdei

Introducing: ‘Highlife (Ghana)’ Playlist On Mino Music | ft. Bisa Kdei

Introducing: ‘Highlife (Ghana)’ Playlist On Mino Music | ft. Bisa Kdei


NotJustOk‘s music-streaming platform, Mino Music, boasts a handful of carefully curated playlists covering African music across multiple regions. The genre we're spotlighting today is Highlife originating from Ghana. Step forward, Highlife!

The West African indigenous genre of Highlife has been around for a long long time, and Ghana's take on it has its own special flavor that can't be seen anywhere else.

If you're knowledgeable on Nigerian music history, you'll know that even our very own legend, the beloved Fela Kuti spent time in Ghana, experiencing Ghanaian highlife and other indigenous music genres to gather inspiration for his own music.

The Highlife (Ghana) playlist is home to all the top players in Ghanaian highlife music. From seasoned veterans like Kojo Antwi to industry leads like Bisa Kdei and Kwabena Kwabena to young stars like Kofi Kinaata, it's all there.

The first ever cover star of Mino’s Highlife (Ghana) playlist is the talented highlife sensation Bisa Kdei, who needs no introduction when it comes to Ghanaian highlife music.

You also get to listen to a few gems by artists who aren't specifically highlife acts, but decided to try their hand at the genre and executed it excellently, like Cina Soul, Fameye, and Dahlin Gage.

Check out the Highlife (Ghana) Playlist on Mino Music and don’t forget to hit the follow button!

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