Listen to 'Always Pray For You' by Nosa


Listen to 'Always Pray For You' by Nosa

Nosa's Always pray for you single Cover
Official Cover for Nosa's single

Ladies and gentlemen! I introduce you to a new song, 'Always Pray For You', by a new talent who goes by the name, Nosa!,

Nosa, full name Nosa Omoregie, hails from Benin City, Edo State. He's made a few attempts at getting into the industry but he was never given a shot for several reasons... till rapper illbliss recently snapped him up into his Goretti Company management. Today, the single "Always Pray For You" is garnering rave reviews like wildfire. It's currently the Song of the Week on Rhythm 93.7 Benin City, and the Lagos stations are following suit.

It's not every day we hear a Nigerian artiste sing a Gospel/Inspirational song in pidgin English and make it sound so amazing! Everything about this song oozes class. The lyrics, the production/sound arrangement, and the vocals are all inch-perfect.. and that's no exaggeration.

Hope I'm not getting too carried away. Listen and let me know what you think...

PS: Nosa is still unsigned...

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Download 'Always Pray For You' Mp3 by Nosa

Produced by Nosa. Co-Produced By Eddy Isaacs and BigFoot.

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