Nissi - Trouble + Tornado


Nissi - Trouble + Tornado

Nissi - Trouble + Tornado

Nissi - Trouble + Tornado

London-based Nigerian Afro-pop singer and songwriter, Nissi, releases two brand new singles titled “Trouble” and “ Tornado” off her forthcoming EP.

This is coming after her acclaimed 2017 Familiar, her 2018 “Symbiosis” and most recently, her 2019 "Over Here". Both “Trouble” and “Tornado” encapsulate brilliant blends of Afro-Pop as well as a mash-up of some other genres.

On “Trouble”, Nissi fuses Afro-pop and Dancehall to deliver an up-tempo song. "Trouble" is a song of redemption narrated from a feminine point of view. It's a song that rebels against any pre-set notions or underestimation of the female gender.

Although applicable to both genders, "Trouble" essentially points out that there is going to be a problem when females align. Nissi says this when she sings “as soon as the girls organize, it's trouble… and “if by chance you're in the way you will know”.

“Tornado” on the other hand sees Nissi bumping on a rhythmic sound that sends a message to her man stating clearly that he rocks her world, blows her mind like a “tornado”, an experience she hasn't had in a long time.

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For these singles, Nissi worked with music producers Stadic and Kizz Ernie and they created infectious drum-led genre-bending songs laced by Nissi's velvety vocals, arresting delivery and vibrant flow.

Trouble” and “Tornado” are out now and available on all music platforms.




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