Multi-talented Singer Supernova Releases 'Badder Than You'


Multi-talented Singer Supernova Releases 'Badder Than You'

The song and video, "Badder than you"  by Supernova musician, is presently enjoying massive rotation on various Radio and Tv stations all over Africa. It's a song to dedicate to all haters, we all have haters and if you have people hating on you, this song is for them”.

The song is a mid-tempo hip hop with a little fusion of reggae, as unique as her previous hip hop single Key

Multi-talented Supernova Releases – 'Badder Than You'

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Nweke Joy Chinenye Serrato popularly known by her stage name as Supernova musician is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, actress, movie producer, activist and CEO of her record label Supernova Music Worldwide. She is well known for embracing different genres of music and styles and her activism on social media. Her genres of music are hip-hop, pop, reggae, R&B, dancehall and afrobeat.

Supernovamusician was born on 23rd February 1999 in Lagos State in the southwestern part of Nigeria. She is currently 21 years old. The beautiful and talented supernova musician started her music career in 2019 and has been very active since then till date.

Supernovamusician is originally from Ebonyi State in the southeastern part of Nigeria but was born and raised in Lagos State in the southwestern part of Nigeria. She is a native of Ezza Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

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Supernovamusician started music very early in life as the lead singer of The Lords Chosen Kids, that drooped kids songs like Lord you registered my name, Jesus died on the cross and so many more singles in the album. After a downturn in the group because of management, she stopped music and focus on her education.

She attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University as a student of Business administration. Where she shined through wining three different crowns, Miss Business administration, Miss NFCS Unizik chapter, Queen of Anambra Heritage despite being an Ebonyi state native which caused an uproar after she won but she retained the crown because of her underlying unique and outstanding performance.

Supernovamusician is the first of six children of Mr Gabriel Nweke and Mrs Beatrice Nweke both indigenes of Ebonyi state. She has had her ups and downs in life and this reflects so much in her music which tends to be really motivational a good example is the Afrobeat single Hustle Go pay and Hip-hop single Key.

She said she is crafting her own unique style and don’t just want to flow with the regular trend especially now so many people in Nigeria and beyond are yearning for good music.

Supernovamusician has dropped up to six singles so far, Badder than you, Bounce, Key, Moon, Holyshit and Hustle Go-Pay. She dropped five of her singles in one day and this was how she made her debut in the Nigerian music industry being the first Nigerian artist to do that.

Her activism has been profound on social media advocating for LGBT living in Nigeria, and educating people on the bad norms in our society that has become normal two of the viral videos are when she said that “ everybody in Nigeria is gay it’s just a question of how gay you are” and when she said “ there is no heaven there is no hell” the full video is all over blogs and websites and social media pages.

Supernova musician is yet to drop an album but she said in 2021 her fans should be expecting her very first album which she has started working on and it will be one of a kind and they should not expect anything less but the best of her.


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Listen to the Multi-talented Supernova Releases – 'Badder Than You':

It will be recalled that talented rising superstar supernova musician took over the internet when she dropped her five music videos in one day the songs include Bounce a reggae dancehall genre, Key a hip hop genre, Moon an R&B genre, hustle go pay and Holyshit an Afrobeat genre. When asked her reason for that she said:

Music has no rules and regulations that every artist must follow and perhaps it’s good to show your versatility to your fans

The reggae dancehall Bounce became an internet sensation because of the nature of the video being the first of its kind to feature gay symbols and flags when confronted by our journalists about her choice of video she said

I want to use my music to educate and enlighten people against discrimination towards people of different sexual orientation because ones sexual orientation is encoded in their DNA

her reason for the video spread like wildfire all over social media and bloggers when she said

Everybody in Nigeria is gay it’s a question of how gay you are

of course she received lots of attack’s and calls from homophobic people to bring down the video “ bounce “ but she went further to tell to say

I will not bring down my music video, I do not make my song for people with primitive brains or marlians, my music is for educated ones who are open-minded and willing to learn new things they don’t know about

This also went viral all over social media but supernova musician insisted that she will not bring the video down despite the negative criticism from homophobic people.

Supernova musician recently played the lead character in the movie Anger of Immortals ahead of famous actresses.
Musician, actress and movie producer supernova musician in an interview with our correspondent reveals to us how she played the lead character in the movie Anger of Immortals directed by Ndubuisi Odowa coins and which she produced herself. She said:

I’m a movie producer and actress I’ve acted alongside famous actors like Pete Edochie, Zack Orji, Ernest Obi, Yul Edochie, Chelsea Eze, Alex Usifo, Chiwetalu Agu to mention but a few so playing the lead character won’t be a problem for me becomes I’ve come a long way to be where I’m today.

Famous actress Destiny Etiko played her supporting character as her sister Ije and she played the lead character as Olaedo in the movie Anger of Immortals, Which featured other prominent actors like Chinwe Owoh, Hez Achor, Chigozie Nwoye and Leo Ewuzie.

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