Johnny Drille - Wait For Me

Johnny Drille Wait For Me

Johnny Drille - Wait For Me

World-Class Music Alert!

Contemporary Christian/folk artiste and producer Johnny Drille is quickly carving out a special image for himself; a uniquely-styled sound that separates him from everyone else. From his Awww Cover to the more recent "Love Don't Lie", this lad has shown he's no flash in the pan.

Wait For Me” creates an imagery with lyrics and a warm country/folk rhythm that'll melt the toughest of hearts. You know that feeling you have when someone dear to you is leaving you on a trip? And you know for a fact that things would not be the same when they're not around? Yes! That heart-shattering feeling. This is your song.

Here's a little message from Drille:

"As I stayed up all night in my bedroom studio listening to the finished 'Wait For Me', I soon realized it was my most emotional song yet. It meant much more to me, it was an experience. For those of us who have had to leave loved ones behind, not sure of what the future was going to bring, 'Wait For Me' tells that story. It is my dedication to love."