Listen to 'Show Me' by Jinmi Abduls ft Atawewe


Listen to 'Show Me' by Jinmi Abduls ft Atawewe

Budding Afro Highlife singer Jinmi Abduls has shared a new collaboration with Atawewe, titled "Show Me."

Jinmi Abduls, who's known for his romantic tendencies in music (see "Greed") plays the role of a quiet lover in this track. Playing to the popular trope of secrecy in relationships, both singers utilize their soulful voices over the buttery production to deliver one of the more remarkable duets in recent times.

Jinmi Abduls & Atawewe – Show Me | Stream & Download Mp3

Budding singers Jinmi Abduls & Atawewe

This collaboration is made possible by Ejoya music. The organization's 2020 initiative features the best and brightest of their budding superstar lineup of artists.

Earlier in the year, they flagged off the initiative with "Mind Games" from Buju. This Jinmi Abduls - Atawewe duet is their latest offering.

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