Honey - To Se Daada


Honey - To Se Daada

Honey - To Se Daada

Honey - To Se Daada

Overview of Honey - To Se Daada

Beehive Entertainment presents "to se daada " by the first female caucasian afrobeats artist & producer - Honey aka Oyin. After Her first afrobeats release Right Here which brought her to Lagos Nigeria for the video shoot. The new release will put Honey in the history of Afrobeats as the pioneer who brought a different level to afrobeats music worldwide.

To se daada is the first afrobeats solo project by Honey. The lyrics are fully in Pidgin and Yoruba  the two main native languages of afrobeat. The song was inspired by the storyline of most Nollywood movies. Honey wants to draw a different picture with "to se daada" to show another perspective of nowadays women, regardless of their heritage and orientation they all still need a good loving relationship based on respect, honesty, appreciation and emotional support.
Let's listen to this unique song "to se daada " and show our support as we welcome Honey to the world of Afrobeats Music. Check her too on @bbcnewsyoruba


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I was featured this week on @bbcnewsyoruba for the first time with my new single To Se Daada - Out on Friday ??? #Repost @bbcnewsyoruba (@get_repost) ・・・ Ẹ wá gbọ́ orín àdídùn lédè Yorùbá lẹ́nu ọmọ ilẹ̀ Gẹ̀ẹ́sì yìí @oyinbabyo . . Yorùbá dùn púpọ̀ lédè ? . . #bbcnewsyoruba #yoruba #language #oyin #oyinbabyo #culture #ife #ileife #afrobeat #afrobeats #nigerianmusic #love

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