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Joy Panam - Heart Cry

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Nigerian Gospel Artist & On-Air Personality (Naija FM, Lagos), Joy Panam has released the soothing new single, Heart Cry, produced by Sleek Amo

Speaking about the new single, Joy Panam shares: "It comes from a very deep place in my life..About two, three years ago, I had come back from work in the morning, then I used to run the night shift..before getting home, I had cried and complained to God about areas of my life that were not working out.
Then I slept off and I had a dream singing the chorus of this song, it was so beautiful and melodious, I can never forget..
When I woke up, I kept hearing the melody of the song, immediately I recorded the chorus and sent it to a dear friend Pere Davis, he was able to help me reconstruct it and sent it back to me. When I heard the readjusted version, I knew God had given me a song...God was telling me that HE IS everything I wanted and needed before any of my dreams and desires...that's how Heart cry was born...

We desire a lot of things, we have huge dreams which isn't bad, it's great to dream and desire good things....but at the center of all our desires, wants and dreams is God who is everything we need"

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