DJ D'Mo feat. Henrisoul - Your Way


DJ D'Mo feat. Henrisoul - Your Way

Nigerian DJ/OAP, DJ D'mo has released another dance single, "Your Way" featuring Gospel Crooner, Henrisoul.

"Your Way" is a vow to GOD to ever and always follow in HIS path and stick to HIS will.

DJ D'mo creates a wow effect with his singing prowess on the track, leaving everyone in the wonder of how good a DJing OAP can serenade GOD as well. The multi-talented R & B crooner, Henrisoul laced it up perfectly with his admirable voice.

This project was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by the prolific STO.

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Lyrics to "Your Way" by DJ D'Mo feat. Henrisoul

Say na the way wey you dey do!
Your way na the way!
Me no dey follow person wey no know the way
Na Your Way!
When I think of all the things you do e dey make me praise all the way
You give me Grace and Mercy too Lord you took my shame away

Verse 1

Me I get question of the day
Who be the one wey dey steady wake you everyday?
E dey fight for you like superhero with the cape
And when I call 911 He no dey late

Father you dey make me high
Nobe the kind wey dey make man wavy
Praise you sun up to sun down
Lord you dey hold me down on a daily

Mo n tenor lor te'ina lor we no dey alto (halt oh)
We no dey look stop sign oh
Wind down make you come see clearly oh
Make I tell you oh!

Verse 2
All the things you dey do you dey do
them dey meet me along the way (As I dey follow you waka)
Even if the way dey gbagoro agbago way eh
Na the way you dey do
Nobody do me like you do
You're the way the truth and life
You don turn my life around

See the way we dey roll e don tey
See the DJ got me on replay
E don tey wey we dey the runway
Now the light is shining on my way
No do no do, no do shakara for me
God uh God uh, He don turn around my story ah eh

Your way na the way, You dey lead me all the way
Night and day, I dey follow all the way

We are balling Sunday to Saturday
We no dey lack e no dey where we dey
Me I no dey follow person wey no know the way
Like agbero wey no know say ibafo na mowe
Like the kinda love of a boo and a bae
I just want to dey everywhere wey you dey
Whether na for house or na church or na road
or na work even when I bin dey dey holiday.

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