Erby has come again to drop "Different Things" on us


Erby has come again to drop "Different Things" on us

Erby is serving us with a new single "Different Things" which is a true-life story. He recently produced one of the biggest songs in Ghana FOR LIFE by RJZ

Erby – Different Things

Erby – Different Things

Prince Aboagye popularly known as Erby is an artist based in Ghana. He produces, writes and brings amazing vocals to the table with every song made. . He is 21 years old and has been in the industry for basically his whole life but professionally for a 1year now.

He said

I found myself within a lot of cool people doing what I do but on how to survive within them was hard.

I made this song for the people that are going through a lot just for choosing a different path in life.

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I also made it for the people who've got much hate just for being the best at what they do! I'm here to use my voice because you need to keep going till you see the light.

You need to keep your head high up till the unbreakable doors open.

Trust me we've all been through difficult times and I know it's very hard to come back up but if you listen to this music you will be inspired.

I fused beach feels, more of dance hall and Afrobeat into this great body of work

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