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Double Jay takes on the Afrobeat scene with 'Focus the Alert' - You are clearly not from Port Harcourt, If you cannot relate with this song

Official Cover Art for 'Focus the Alert

With an ultramodern production style, Double Jay is re-emerging from the afrobeat scene with his single "Focus The Alert". It’s an elevation of his unique sound and a masterclass in emotionally rich music built on a foundation of programmed instrumentation.

Nigerian artist Double Jay has taken versatility to new heights with his unique ability to weave warm, melodic production with innate vocal talent. Flaunting a unique tone of voice and earworm rhythms, Double Jay is always known to dabble in a vast array of styles.

"Focus The Alert" offers a window into the potential for Double Jay to take his music in any direction he pleases, and nothing’s holding him back from continuing to explore. A true self-starter in every sense of the word, Double Jay writes, sings, creatively directs, and even manages himself.

We can’t wait to hear what comes next."

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