Yemi Sax - Love In The Air

If you're wondering what a Yemi sax tune would sound like without his favourite saxophone, well there you have it. This is titled "Love in The Air", listen up below and let us know what you think about it in the comments section. Enjoy.

The No.1 Naija SaxBoss “Yemi Sax” aka Sax Oracle is here with his first official vocal single titledLOVE IN THE AIR.
For those who still limit the strength and skills of YemiSax to the Saxophone alone and for those that have be clamouring for a vocal material from the Sax Oracle, here is a surprise Valentine Special and a 100% vocal  from the Saxophone commander general “Yemi Sax “.
The new single “Love In The Air” unlike his previous singles is a complete vocal material with all vocals, backups, ad lips and production from Yemi Sax.
The song is however, is dedicated to the season and all his beloved fans worldwide saying LOVE is very essential. Watch out for more great tunes (vocals) and fantastic jazz music from YemiSax....
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- Lalaboiy

yemi sax - love is in the airj

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7 years ago



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7 years ago

Nice one...

7 years ago

This is dope... never knew this man could sing this perfect. some like it