X.O aka NoHairDontCare - Taxi Music (Freestyle)


We've seen the comments. We've heard the name. We've felt the hype. It's time to hear the music!

It's no secret that there's been some sort of buzz on the site in the last few months about a rapper called "NoHairDontCare"... that apparently, only a handful of people had heard of. His underground fans always had something to say about him, and even the Chocolate City heavyweights also had a word or 2 to say about him... yet the majority of us had never heard or seen him.

For that reason, I took it upon myself to search for this dude. Alas! I found him on twitter, we exchanged pleasantries, and then I asked him to send in a joint so our notjustOk readers can finally hear from the "invisible man." Within a couple of days, X.O hit me up saying he had recorded a freestyle over Rick Ross' "Maybach Music 2" instrumental... just like that... and he titled it "Taxi Music" 'cause he says he was in a taxi cab when he got the inspiration to record the freestyle.

Now, to give y'all a bit more info on "NoHairDontCare", the name X.O stands for "Xtra Ordinary." We're also hearing whispers that the US-based Naija rapper, who's originally from Jos, will be the next member of the Loopy Crew/Choc Boiz. He may also have a guest appearance on M.I's next project, M.I 2, billed to drop much later than initially expected. We'll bring you guys confirmation as soon as we have it. In the mean time, listen to the monster freestyle delivered with so much calmness and simplicity. It leaves you wanting more!


All of my girls are dimes, I call em 'sub-woofs'/

U always with 'em 1s, just like the swine flu/

H1N1, get it? Cool/ When pigs fly, I will rap... Swine flew!

[audio:|titles=X.O aka NoHairDontCare - Taxi Music (NJO)]
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8 years ago

u are de biggest fool of 2010 contact me for ur award #ode

Lydia Asabere
8 years ago


Lydia Asabere
8 years ago


7 years ago

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