Teffy - Royal ft. Fresh L

"After a 10-month-break, Teffy returned with ‘Burn Away My Pain’ featuring Creative Elevations’ 3Feat, where he takes us an emotional roller coaster as he sings about losing his Father, where his been and what he is doing. This time, Teffy comes with the single for his forthcoming mixtape ''Exposed Thoughts'' 'Royal'. This track features Fresh L of DRB (Rap Royals) who went to High School with Teffy and just sold out their annual show in Lagos Nigeria along with his crew Boj and Teezee. Teffy just launched his Royal Sound record label is also into the fashion line as Royal Sound are realeasing their first set of merchandise in March as long with the mixtape. Keep updated with Teffy on Twitter - @officialteffy1 , instagram - teffytefff and coming soon."

royal art



DOWNLOAD: Teffy - Royal ft. Fresh L

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5 years ago

Straight fire