Sons of Liberty - Emu Jojo (Club Mix)

Are these guys good or what? Lyrics, flow and rhythm are all on point. According to the image below, their album dropped in 2006, but I just noticed them today. 

Them plenty well well for the group though - but I heard that they are also a dance group so may be not all of them sing and dance, but I digress.

"Sons of Liberty is a new age, inspirational song and dance group based
in Lagos, Nigera. The group mainly focuses on Hiphop as its primary
genre in music and uses its unique and powerful dance sequences to send
life changing messages to the world.
The group is under the JoshWave
Record label (a subsidiary of Dan Foster enterprises) currently based
in Nigeria and run by a critically acclaimed radio personality;Dan
Foster who posses over 18 years of entertainment experience ranging
from the USA to the african region.

The above information was written in 2004 so I reckon that a lot of what is written has changed. Does anyone know if they have any new material out?


Sons of Liberty - Emu Jojo (Club Mix)

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