Shobzy - Kondo

Slow tune from Shobzy. One of his songs, Love song was posted a while back. He has a good voice and flow, but I feel like he needs to work on his lyrics so that he does not sound redundant.


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8 years ago

Some peeps don't understand the meaning of the song. Thought the verses weren't that great but the hook speaks some good sense. The "Bad guy" means "Death". "Kondo' in the context means "Death's weapon of destruction". In essence he is just tryna say, one day death will come with his weapon os destruction ready to kill, what good or bad, that is your handiwork is what counts." Simple. Yo! Shobzy, I'm a rapper and beat maker, i wann make a hip hop beat version of this song and go in on it using ur hook. I need ur permission to… Read more »