Sauce Kid ft Banky W - Nobody

Lets hope his album is available online when it drops. I figure it should be released in December or the 1st quarter of '09.

I'm diggin this track here, very melow joint, you get me?

Here is a quote from Sauce Kid

'To the Fans of Sauce KiD,

 I appreciate your support throughout the
drive to bring forth an "up to par" debut album. African Hiphop has evolved
over the years and for the past 3 years, i have been a force in that evolution.
the fusion of the American breds, with the locals. the connection has been rekindled
and thats how the fusion of African American has come about in one body, mind and
some of the
names associated with this album include iceberg slim, banky w, 9ice, RiZ, Ghetto
P, and many others....

Sauce d main

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