NPZ - So Close

I've Overdosed on this song. I've been replaying for 30 minutes straight. Good R&B track. Let me know what you think.


Here is some Bio on NPZ

"Nigerian born star Chinedu
Emmanuel Opute aka 'NPZ' started off his primary and secondary education in
Nigeria where he grew up, then moved to the United Kingdom to further his
studies at Stone Bridge College where he was able to obtain qualifications in
Business Marketing and Information Technology which earned him a membership at
the British Computer Society. He has always loved music from childhood but
started singing for fun right from high school (Babcock University
High School) where he joined an Acapella singing group
called "The N.E.X.T". Though he started writing and composing his own
songs while in the United Kingdom when he found himself battling with the
bitter and harsh side of life. NPZ battled physically, mentally and emotionally
like being trapped behind walls and he felt the only way to gain control of
himself was to put pen to paper and voice out. NPZ was stunned by his ability
to sing and write songs. He decided to put his ability to test by engaging in
numerous mix tapes and open mic events which he won while in the UK and till date he's becoming bigger and
better. He believes he has the talent to put his country Nigeria high on the world music scale. He's a
versatile artiste influenced by R n B, Reggae and Hip Hop music. His music is a
merge between Western and African vibe. ...Watch Out!!"

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[...] months ago, I posted a track by NPZ called So Close which was a slow, R&B track. Well he has returned with 2 new [...]