Mola OG of notJustok on BBC Radio 'Destination Africa' show with Dj Edu

I got the opportunity to pick and present a song on the 'Scene but no Heard' section of  the 'Destination Africa' show with Dj Edu on BBC radio. The show aired on March 15 2010 and you can listen to the 2 hour show here.

The song I picked was 'Dreamer' by SDC and I give my reason in the audio below. Shout out to Dj Edu, Darren and the 'Destination Africa' crew for the opportunity. I have added the audio of just the part where I introduce the song and the song. However, if you insist that you want to hear it on BBC, you can click here and fast forward to time mark 1:28:03

Thanks everyone for the continuous support and presence on We appreciate you Big Time!


Dj Edu - Host of BBC's Destination Africa Show

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2 years ago

Nice one
I really learnt a lot here, great content.
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