Kenery – Ekene

Kenery – Ekene

Kenery – Ekene

Ekene Afunwa the sing bird will sing every morning like a complete and satisfied man, even though he is single - and that’s why his friends named him Kenery and he accepted the name wholeheartedly and adopted Kenery as his stage name.

Born and raised in Lagos. One of those raw talents discovered by the boss himself, @ChrisExola. He joined the music band “Ultimate Band” in 2017 and made significant impacts on-stage performances.

His significance is his smooth voice having some fine level of tenor.

In his title of deeds are; Say Yes the rave of wedding bells and butterfly in men’s tummy, a song loved by both men and women. Other fantastic tracks: Rude girl, Durono with Vyda and Exola’s favorite “Good Time” Panmm, Panmm, Panmm. Panmm!!!


Listen to the Kenery – Ekene:


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8 months ago

Bro God is with you.i love this song