Kenery – Abule Ado

Kenery – Abule Ado

Kenery – Abule Ado

Kenery drops new single titled "Abule Ado"

To make sure the victims of the Abule Ado explosion are not forgotten, this track has been made. We are appealing to everyone who hears this to keep passing it on. Neighbors, friends and families.

Remember Governor Sanwo-olu mentioned a 2 Billion Naira relief fund after he met president Buhari and showed him picture evidences of the explosion, if this campaign is widely spread, the 2 Billion budgeted for them and the 100 Million Naira cement donated to them by Dangote will be difficult to siphon or looted.

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We know the Govt of the day may not be trusted anymore, but just do your part and leave the rest for God.

It could’ve been anybody, let’s keep sharing.


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