K-Soul - Aye n'reti

One of the things I like about K-Soul is his ability to sing about a cliché topic ("Aye N'reti Eleya Mi'' can be translated to mean Life/People are awaiting my downfall which is very similar to the  popular 'PlayaHata' term that we have all been guilty of overusing) and still make it fun and refreshing to listen to.

Solid production and rhythm on this song; you will also notice that he has a very good singing voice. I foresee a bright career for this young man who has been in the industry since Faze got put on.

His album, 'Just a Dream Away' should be out some time '09.


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9 years ago

wel gues d name sounds familiar though but i read this dudes biography and i think that has been his nickname for a very long time not because of the music industry