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Some while ago, Some folks and I (Chris Exola) got talking about the state of our nation Nigeria. We realized one of the reasons why we have seen repeated insults on our collective intelligence in this nation is because there are very few voices complaining of the wrongdoing of the people running the affairs of our nation.

Make no mistake; this music is not about APC vs PDP, what people have failed to realize is these people are the same guys, displaying acts of irresponsibility because we the citizens do not show a tiny feel of disgust not to talk of complain, talk far more of revolting.

Musicians no longer want to sing against the evil and terrible way things are because they hope to be called for a party show, campaign or whatever calls at all.

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Video of  'Exola All Star's 37 Billion" to be released on the 3rd of February 2020.


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