Eva - Make 'Em Say (Exclusive)

This. Is. What. Rap. Should. Sound. Like!

If you've been with us here on notjustOk, and you haven't noticed a femcee called Eva, then you're on a ........ (fill in the blanks). Without question, she outshone lots of rappers (both male and female) on the I No Send You (Remix) track and also fully held it down in the midst of upcoming male rap wolves in Owo Ati Swagger (Remix) (mind you, she was the only femcee on that joint).

Without a single to her name, she's already being feared in the LasGidi underground hiphop scene. I strongly believe that with time, the industry will start actually comparing her to her male counterparts; not just the females. Simply put, she will lose the "f" in "femcee." Don't ask why. Just listen...



For the records, this track is NOT a single. It's pure mixtape material, giving us an idea of what's brewing in her factory.

This is damn good, baby yes! I'm a black star | You can't catch up I'll be speeding like NASCAR | I'll take it from LasGidi and play it up in Alaska | My mom's loving this, yeah! And u can ask her

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[...] on eVa is, by no means, a brand new artiste; neither should she be mistaken for Eva (the rapper). She’s been on her grind for a couple of years with a few known singles to her [...]

sb fan
9 years ago //this is d vid 4 d track...nice one...happy new year everyone

9 years ago

eva be d queen diva,am Goro abeg be ma sheeva!!nice one keep it up,i think youarebtheonewe have been waiting for.

9 years ago

I do like her swag.. very nice flow, great rhymes. TALENT

Samuel kelvin junior
Samuel kelvin junior
4 years ago

Hey Eva i love your rap style