DJ Neptune feat YQ, Shank & Ruffman - Mr Dee Jay (EXCLUSIVE!)

This is fresh outta the kitchen of one of Nigeria's foremost DJs, DJ Neptune of the Naija DJs Coalition and Ray Power 100.5 FM. We've been informed that he's cooking up some of Africa's sickest joints with jaw-dropping collabos. The mixtape will be called "Eva Blazin' Da Mixtape." He's about to pull a DJ Khaled on us! This is a promo single off it.
For those outside Nigeria who don't know him, here's a lil bio on the dude:

DJ Neptune is a Radio Disc Jockey holding things down big time with Ray
Power 100.5 FM. According to him, djing is what he enjoys doing and
since he's been a disc jockey, he's been able to change alot of peoples'
lives and emotions with his choice of music he plays on radio and gigs. will be eagerly awaiting the mixtape drop!



Nuff Respect to DJ Dee Money for the Exclusive!

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